Why you should always carry an action camera like Gopro

Isn’t it wonderful creating high-quality 4k videos from a device which can easily fit into your pocket and you can even use it to click handheld wide angled selfies with it as well? That’s what an action camera can do for you.

For those of you who don’t know, GoPro is an American company, which was founded in the year 2002. It is famous for building quality waterproof action cameras under its name. Since then the company has developed many more things such as video editing software, drones and even gimbal called karma grip.

Why you should always carry an action camera like GoPro

Below I have mentioned a few reasons for why you should carry an action cam like GoPro for your travel.

1. Small size

The actual footprint of this camera is so small that you can easily keep it into your pocket. You can easily throw it into your travel bag, rucksack or even in your pockets so carrying it is just like carrying a smartphone which gives you much better video and image quality when compared head to head.

2. Fish-eye look

It’s famous for its fisheye look i.e. wide and ultra wide modes available in the latest cameras can be really great for those group selfies where you wanted your complete squad covered in a single picture.

The wide angle might not be as elegant as it might sound but with a little practice, you can click some beautiful compositions using the extra area covered by this tiny camera.

3. Weatherproof

They are the most durable piece of lenses available in the market right now. They are waterproof, shockproof and can even withstand a few small drops as well. With right housing, you can even take them to a significant depth of ocean or sea and you can also carry them to submit of the highest mountain as well. So if you are into adventure this is a must have a piece of equipment for you.

For normal users, even if it rains or snows you can capture anything you want irrespective of the weather conditions.

Note: At high altitudes and low temperatures batteries might not prove to be that efficient but it’s normal and happens to other divides as well.

4. Picture quality

In spite of its small size and even smaller sensor, the software and processor is optimised quite well and produces pretty good images. Without the pro tunes on you can even use the images directly for sharing to various social networking platforms. You can even click in Raw if you are interested in image processing.

5. Accessories

There’s a wide pool of accessories for GoPro available in the market. From floating grips to housing for underwater exploration. You can even find accessories for attaching them to your pet animals as well.

With the right accessories, You can even attach your GoPro camera with your helmet, bike, the dashboard of your car or even to the roof of your car as well. Frankly speaking, you can record anywhere using these accessories. It totally depends upon your imagination and your ability to find the required accessories on Amazon.

6. Buttery smooth slow motion

With the introduction of new GP1 chip to the Hero 6 and later a drastic improvement in the processing power was added to the latest GoPro. You can shoot at the frame rates of uptown 240fps at 1080p.

7. Optical image stabilization

While recording videos the inbuilt optical stabilization feature really works like magic. The latest version i.e. Hero 7 has improved it even further. Stabilization is what really differentiates it from other action cameras available in the market right now for normal use you won’t even need any stabilizing accessories like gimbal at all.

8. Voice activation

The latest GoPro cameras come with an additional feature over the rest called Voice activation. Through which you can command your camera either to start or stop recording or even take pictures as well without even touching your camera or even using any additional accessories.

In reality, it’s kind of a hit and a miss from my own experience but still, it’s good to have feature because it literally feels like magic to make your camera perform any particular action just by giving 2 words command to your camera.

Note: GoPro Hero 7 is the latest version of action camera launched by GoPro and starting from Hero 5 the design is almost the same so you can use the same housing and kits for them all.

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