Tiniest stabilised camera: Insta 360 Go

This is the latest action camera launched by a company named Insta360. For those of you who haven’t heard about this company before, they are quite famous for their 360 degree cameras such as Insta 360 one action and insta 360 oneX. This is the first time they have tried doing something different from their core business.


Insta360 Go is a tiny, though versatile camera which is currently available in the market. It weighs less than 20grams, to be precise, it just weighs 18.3grams which is crazy light for any action camera. For comparison normal GoPro Hero 7 weighs over 200grams, making it about 10 times heavier than the Insta 360 Go. It is marketed by Insta360 as world’s tiniest stabilised camera.

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It records standard 1080p stabilized video for a burst of 15 or 30 seconds only. It can record upto 20 minutes on a single charge, but with the help of charging pod that comes with it you can charge the Insta 360 Go camera at least 2 more times. It has magnetic back which can be used to stick it to metallic surfaces, Because of these magnets only Insta 360 Go literally becomes wearable thanks to the metallic locket provide by Insta360.


Here are some pros and cons of Insta 360 Go:


  1. Hands free

  2. Lightweight

  3. Flowstate stabilization

  4. Hyperlapse and timelapse feature

  5. Slow motion recording

  6. Ultra wide selfies

  7. Back magnets



  1. No android app so far

  2. Record duration

  3. 8gb in-built memory

  4. Splash proof design

  5. Fragile build


In Spite of its small size Insta 360 Go can prove to be quite useful if you are a vlogger or just love record your experiences through a wide angle lense. It can also snap 5 megapixel wide angle photos which when combined with the wide angle field of view, makes it pretty hand for group selfies.


It also offers slow motion video capturing option as well which might not be the best, but it is decent enough to play along with it as well.


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It also comes with an AI powered app which helps you combine your videos using the various templates which are preloaded in the app. It AI automatically picks the right moment for you in order to give you the best possible output.


Note: This app is currently not available for Android devices. You can expect Insta 360 to come up with an android app later this year.


It’s IPx4 rated, which means it’s not exactly water proof but can be called slash proof. So, you cannot expect it to record underwater or even in heavy rain.


On their official website Insta 360 Go is currently priced at 325 US dollars which when converted is a little less than INR 24000. I’ll drop you the link to there website at the bottom of this post.

Update: Insta 360 Go is currently available on Amazon at INR 20,000 only. You can click here to check on Amazon.




Insta 360 Go is unbelievably tiny wearable camera, which is quite unique of its type. It is clearly not focused at professional photographers and cinematographers but is mainly for those who love to record their travel experiences or even their daily experiences. It can also body your social media game by providing good quality images, hyperlapse, time lapse or slow motion videos. Considering the size, functionalities and acceptors provided with this camera the price tag seems reasonable too.


You can check the current price of Insta 360 Go on Amazon by clicking here.

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