Recap to Holi 2017 : Vrindavan

It all started with a random idea in a rainy morning at Bidholi, Uttarakhand just 2 days before Holi. One of our friend stayed over for a night to our flat and we played cards cooked food and even ordered burgers even after having a complete dinner. Somewhere around 6 in the morning someone suggested a trip to Vrindavan or Mathura. It was just a joke but everyone there took it so seriously that within few seconds everyone in the room said “yes” and by evening we even got our reservations sorted and were at ISBT Dehradun before 10 pm and this was the begining to an ultimate trip.

Saharanpur Railwaystation

For those of you who don’t know Holi is the festival of colours is celebrated through out India and some other parts of world as well. But Holi in Brij region is specially famous. This region includes Mathura, Vrindavan and near by areas.

We boarded our bus from ISBT, Dehradun to Saharanpur as we had our latenight rail reservation from Saharanpur to Agra.

We reached Agra in the morning booked a room close to The Taj Mahal and went out to explore the city for a day. We visited Taj, Agra fort and a few other places we even bought us some pethas (local special sweet dish of Agra), and decided to have dinner in a restaurant close to our room. Then we went to bed a little early and before sleeping we planned a few things about the next day.

The Taj Mahal, Agra

Next morning we were up early out of excitement and the noise coming from the streets somewhere around 9 in the morning. The streets below were painted red, blue and green and we can clearly hear people greeting each other “Holi hai”. Between all the chaos somehow we managed to get an auto rickshaw for the Railwaystation. It was just 2 hours journey from Agra to Mathura and we reached there somewhere around 12 in the afternoon.

When we reached Mathura Railwaystation we were expecting colours flying in the air but it was a little different than what we were expecting. It was all quite and was almost opposite of what we thought earlier. So, we booked a 3-wheeler tempo to Vrindavan from there.

After reaching Vrindavan

It is at a distance of around 10-12 km from Mathura railwaystation and takes around 1 hours to reach there. Vrindavan was a completely different place and nothing in the world can prepare you for surprise like this. I will try to share my experience the best I can but trust me no words have been discovered so far which can precisely explain the beauty in chaos persisting at this place.

Holi at Vrindavan, Mathura

We started to walk on the main road towards Krishna temple (Banke Bihari Temple) completely covered with light pink coloured dust made of natural elements. There were temples on both the sides and strangers wishing “Happy Holi” with colours and such warm regards like they have been knowing you since your childhood. The energy in the environment was really electrifying. Like the whole world collided into a singularity for a single day. Each and every culture and community united by a single emotion.

Rickshaw driver during Holi at Vrindavan

People were enjoying various dishes on both the corners in between the flying colours of Holi. People from different corners of the world were there to witness that event.

The one very touching event which I can never forget, a kid approached me to wish me “Bura na mano Holi hai” and threw colour at us and on the left were his parents and a small tent in which he used to live with his parents and an even younger brother. It was heartbreaking at first but the energy and enthusiasm in the eyes of the guy were phenomenal. Looking at the camera he posed Infront of me he offered to take a picture of himself. Below is the picture.

Kid posing Infront of the camera at Vrindavan: Holi

After spending some time there we again started walking towards the temple through the crowded streets and market place and then after enjoying some sweet dishes and snacks (lassi and kachoris) there, we started our way back to Mathura.

Starting from left Ayush Vyas, Utkarsh Goswami, Harsh Kumar and Shubham Srivastava following the tradition of throwing colours at others.

After, reaching Mathura Railway station most of us took bath and changed our clothes then we boarded our train to Delhi in order to reach Dehradun the next day.

In the end, just for the sake of concluding my journey. I would like to put a line forward.

We reached there empty-handed, but left with lots of memories and uniques experiences for a lifetime.

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