Portable flash for smartphone Photographers: Profoto C1 and C1 plus

According to Profoto, these 2 lights are meant to change the world of smartphone photography forever. Both Profoto C1 and C1 plus are just like any professional flash with a small form factor and are meant to be paired with your smartphone instead of a DSLR.

Both the devices can be controlled through a dedicated Profoto mobIle application (currently iOS only). C1 and C1 plus are compatible with iPhone 7 and later versions running iOS 11 or above version only and cannot be used with Android devices as of now.

Portable flash for smartphone Photographers: Profoto C1 and C1 plus

These lights are launched currently at $299 USD and $499 USD for Profoto C1 and C1 plus respectively. Definitely, they are more on the expensive end of the spectrum but when you compare their price with other photographic pieces of equipment used for similar purposes this does makes some sense.

Both C1 and C1 plus can stay powered up to 2000 full flashes or 30-40 minutes of continuous lighting in a single full charge. It uses USB-C charging and takes up to 2 hours for a complete charge it’s 1500 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery.

One significant advantage of both Profoto C1 and C1 plus have on smartphone flash is the control over the colour temperature of the light produced by the flash.

This feature is only available with Profoto C1 plus, you can use colour gels with C1 plus which magnetically clicks on the front of the flash. This features when combined with the control over colour temperature can lead to endless creative possibilities.

Both the flashes consist of ΒΌ”- 20 threat for mounting. Hence C1 plus can also be mounted on a tripod.

Profoto C1

  • It comes with a built-in dome diffuser.

  • Portable design

  • Offers 1600 lumen of power output.

  • Consists of 4 warm and 3 cold lights.

  • Colour temperature ranges between 3000 – 6500K.

  • Adjustable power level through Profoto application.

  • It comes with 1500mAh li-ion polymer battery which powers up to 2000 full flashes after a full charge and 30 minutes of continuous light.

  • Can be switched between the flash and flicker-free continuous light as well.

    Profoto C1
    Profoto C1

Profoto C1 plus

  • 4300 lumens of power output

  • Portable design (though a little bigger when compared with Profoto C1)

  • It can trigger the iPhone camera from a built-in button.

  • Consists of 10 warm and 10 cold LEDs

  • It also has click on the magnetic mount for clic light shaping tool.

  • Built-in button for switching continuous light on/off.

  • Built-in button to adjust power and colour temperature.

  • Compatibility with any Profoto AirTTL remote.

  • The adjustable power level and lets you choose between an automatic and manual mode for full freedom.

  • Battery last up till 40 minutes on continuous light and up till 2000 flashes

    Profoto C1 plus
    Profoto C1 plus


Profoto C1 plus seems to be more action-packed and even a better option to consider over Profoto C1. The magnetic mounts for clicking gels and other light shaping tools is quite a unique feature considering the portability of the device. Profoto C1 plus also consists of built-in buttons which make it very easy to use for sure.

The only downside to these lights can be their price. According to me, there’s no point in buying a piece of tiny light equipment if in most of the cases it costs more than your smartphone. I really don’t want to take anything away from Profoto, both of these are a wonderful piece of equipment which can come very handy in low light or backlit environments. But their selling price is what’s gonna hold them back for sure.

There is still a very niche market for these lights. One of these can come in very handy for those who take their social media profiles very seriously. Profoto C1 and C1 plus can also spice up your selfies as well. Not to mention the low light capabilities which this light can significantly improve.

You can check the official launch video uploaded by Profoto on YouTube and can also check Profoto Official Website as well.

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