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Places to visit in Spiti Valley

Spiti valley is one of the most remote yet a very beautiful destination, which is slowly gaining traction of tourists and backpackers throughout the world. For a major portion of the year complete valley remains isolated from the world because of heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures.

Kaza is the district headquarters of the spiti valley so if you are into comfortable stays and commodities then you can stay at Kaza only and use it as an anchor point to explore the beautiful spiti valley to the fullest. You can either rent a bike or can choose to explore in the comfort of a taxi. It totally depends upon you as both of these options are available at Kaza.

Here I have compiled a list of places which you can explore while your trip to spiti valley. Most of these places remain isolated and covered under snow during winters and the temperature drops up to 30 degrees below the freezing point. So, May to October is the best time to visit spiti valley.

Places to visit in Spiti Valley


Komic also known as the fossil village is based at an elevation of 5150m from sea level. It’s about 2km away from Hikkim.

This village has about a dozen houses, one Monastery (Tangyud Monastery) and is famed as the world’s highest village connected to motorable roads. There is only one tea stall in this village and is mostly filled with tourists for most of the times of a day. So you might have to wait for a while for you order to be delivered. Women are not allowed inside the Tangyud monastery during prayers. Prayers are made twice a day, in the morning and evening respectively.

There are basic options for homestays in komic where food is served by locals only.

Note: You will find many villagers trying to sell you some fossils there but it illegal to buy and transport fossils. So, I’ll suggest you avoid buying fossils there.


This remote village is famous for its golden Buddha statue which is clearly visible from quite a distance. It’s is said to be around 1000 years old. It is around 16km from Kaza the district head quarter of lahaul and spiti valley. Langza is based at an elevation of around 4420m above sea level. It is divided into 2 distinct parts namely:

  • Langza Gongma (Upper Langza)

  • Langza Yongma (Lower Langza)
Buddha Statue at Langza
Buddha Statue at Langza

The total population of langza is close to 150 and hence the options for stay are limited and even the food there is quite basic.

Tsonyeti and Chumo Tso are two high altitude lakes near langza which are around 4-5 hours trek away from Langza. Langza is also famous for finding marine fossils.

Dhankar Monastery and lake

Dhankar Monastery or Dhankar Gompa is around 40km from Kaza and around 23km from Tabo. One of the most popular destinations here is Dhankar lake and is around 1 hour trek from dhankar monastery. Dhankar Gompa was also built nearly 1000 years ago.

In past dhankar was capital of Spiti valley. But now Dhankar fort has been declared amongst the 100 most endangered sites in the world. Dhankar Monastery is just below Dhankar Fort.

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Gue Monastery

It is also located in a small remote village located between sumdo and Tabo. It is famously known for India’s only naturally preserved mummy of Sangha Tenzin. The mummy is considered to be around 500-600 years old, estimated by carbon dating. This mummy was found during an army excavation and was placed in the monastery in the year 1975.

There are no restaurants here at Gue. So, homestays are your only option if you are willing to stay here for a day or so. The food options are quite basic and you cannot expect to find anything more than local Tibetan food.


Tabo is located at a distance of around 48kms from Kaza. It’s is famous for the Tabo Monastery and the ancient caves which have been recognised as world unesco heritage sight.

The monastery there is around 1000 years old and stay at the Monastery is also possible. Staying at the Monastery is one of the most cost efficient ways to stay at Tabo.

Key Monastery

It is around 7kms from Kaza. It is amongst the most iconic and spiritual destination of spiti valley.

You can even stay at key monastery, it offers rooms on shared basis with common bathroom for a pretty nominal charges it also includes meals. Here you get to experience the same meals which has been cooked for monks.

Pin Valley

Pin Valley is a beautiful valley in Lahaul and spiti district of Himachal Pradesh formed by the Pin river. It comprises of around 16-17 villages most of them having population close to 100 only. It’s a wonderful location to spend some quality time and has a number of monasteries and stupas which are worth visiting in this region.

As the name suggests, Pin valley national park is also located in the pin valley. It was established is 1987 to provide natural habitat to many endangered species of animals like Siberian ibex, red fox and golden eagle etc. The elevation in Pin valley national park ranges between 3500m to 6000m.


Hikkim is based at an elevation of 4400m above sea level and is around 46km from Kaza. It is famously known for “The highest post office of the world” since 1983. This post office is forced to shut during winters due to heavy snowfall in the region.

From past 2-3 years there have been a craze amongst tourists visiting here to send postcards to themselves from the world’s highest post office. It really is a wonderful moments to be collected from this beautiful destination.


Kibber is based at an elevation of 4270m from sea level. It’s famously known for Kibber wildlife sanctuary and homes many rare species of animals such as Ibex, red fox, Tibetian wild ass and snow leopards as well.

People from different parts of the world visit here to catch a glimpse of snow leopard and ibex during winters. It costs around INR 40,000 for a winter package to spot the snow leopards from Kibber wildlife sanctuary.

Note: you will have to arrange a 700mm lens yourself if you are interested to capture these beautiful wild cats through your lense.


Tashigang is based at an elevation of 4500m from sea level. It is only around 7km from Kibber through Gette but trust me this road is not for faint hearts.

During 2019 elections, Tashigang was termed as the highest polling booth of the world which catered to 48 voters of this region.

Chicham Bridge and village

Chicham village is visible from Kibber, you can identify it as a group of white buildings visible between the two mountain peaks. It is connected to Kibber through Chicham bridge.

Chicham Bridge, spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh
Chicham Bridge, Himachal Pradesh

Chicham bridge is a suspension bridge which has been built recently over samba lamba nallah on Chicham Kibber road. It holds the record for being the highest bridge in Asia. In recent times it has also turned into an iconic tourist attraction for people visiting this region. This bridge reduced the distance between Kibber and losar by 40km before this you will have to go back to Kaza in order to reach Losar.

Chandratal lake

Chandratal is located at a distance of 7kms from Kunzum pass. It is based at an elevation of 4300m from sea level. It is famous for its crystal clear water and mesmerising panoramic views.


Spiti valley is a beautiful and picturesque destination, which has a lot to offer to the visitors who visit this place from all around the world in order to experience the raw nature of this place.To be very frank, this can turn out to be an endless list because of the vastness of this region. But still, I hope this list helps you in planning your trip to spiti valley and also gives you a comprehensive idea about the region.

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