Places to visit in Parvati Valley

Whenever you hear the name Parvati valley the first thing that pops to anyone’s mind is Kasol. Which had been a synonym for Paravati valley for a long time which has changed in the past few years all thanks to backpackers and bikers who choose to visit this place. In order to find peace and solitude from there busy life.

The name Paravati Valley came from the name of Lord Shiva’s wife i.e. Goddess Parvati. It is believed that Lord Shiva meditated here for about 3000 years as a Naga sadhu. He himself named this place after his beloved wife, Parvati.

Places to visit in Parvati Valley

Here is the list of a little lesser known places to visit in Parvati valley, but it’s also possible that you might be aware of them as well.


It is a small and one of the most famous villages of Paravati valley. It is also known as the mini Israel of India because of the growing numbers of Israeli tourists visiting this place.

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Manikaran is a Sikh pilgrimage sight famously known for its hot water springs. It is around 4 km distance from kasol and is quite popular amongst backpackers and hipsters nowadays.


It’s is also a hidden gem of a kind, located around 3km walk from Barsheni the last bus stop of Parvati valley. In recent times it has developed to be another must visit place for backpackers because of which it get a little to crowded sometimes. But still it deserves to be visited at least once because of its beautiful and scenic views which it offers.

There are a large number of cafes and hostels available here. So staying at tosh is not any problem.

Kheer Ganga

It’s is wonderfully easy to moderate trek of Parvati valley starting from Barsheni only it takes trekkers through beautiful and scenic views of Paravati valley.

Legends say that Kartikey the younger son of Shiva and Parvati used to meditate here. Both Shiva and Parvati used to visit him there occasionally and Paravati used to make Kheer for them next to Paravati river. That’s the reason why it’s called Kheer Ganga.

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Like other destinations in Parvati valley, even Pulga is not connected through motorable roads and the only way to reach here is by trekking around 3 km to this small village. It’s truly an offbeat destination as it’s not that famous like Manikaran, kasol or even tosh.

There are not many hotels and restaurants here so accommodations are limited but it’s a wonderful place and a must visit for backpackers.

Similarly, Tulga and Kalga are to adjacent places to Pulga which are also worth visiting.


It’s is just 20 minutes walk from kasol and has almost everything to offer what kasol can offer to you at a pretty reasonable price and without having the crowd of kasol.

Chalal is not that popular amongst most of the people visiting this region but it’s worth mentioning in this list because of its calm and peaceful environment.


This village is considered to be one of the oldest democracy in the world. It is also famous for its hash and cannabis cultivation. People from all over the world visit here for its world-famous hash only.

People of malana claim themselves to be the descent of Alexander the Great and hence consider outsiders as ‘Untouchables’.

It is truly a unique village which is wrapped in a lot of myths and taboos.


Parvati valley is a wonderful destination for those who are into adventure and trekking. It’s also a must visit for those who are looking a good quality hash. Locals are quite helpful and na├»ve.

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