Do Photographers really need a photography website in 2019

Since you have clicked this link, I am assuming either you are a well-established photographer or someone who’s still looking forward to starting his own photography business or is confused whether to create a personalised web portfolio on your own photography website or rely on social media for that. If that’s the case then you have landed on the right webpage for sure. 

With the increasing influence of various social media platforms in our day to day life, it’s really quite hard to suggest someone build and manage his own website when he can just start posting images just by completing a simple sign up on Instagram or Facebook. But things aren’t as simple as might seem.

Do Photographers really need a photography website in 2019

A website is like a personally customizable virtual space, which you can customize or modify according to your needs or likes. This is something which is basically not possible with any of the social media platforms. A website makes you look a bit of professional Infront of your potential clients. This is basically what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Pros of Having your own photography website:

  1. Almost unlimited customisation: It offers a lot of customisation options when compared to Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. In a personalised blog or website, you have the freedom to re-arrange, change or even remove functionalities according to your own requirements. In a way, it provides you with a blank canvas in order to showcase your world to your audience.
  2. You can use your website as an asset: you can use your website to generate some revenue for yourself. Nowadays it’s quite easy to monetize your website. If you manage to get the right amount of traffic on your website then it can easily generate a passive source of income as well. Google AdSense and affiliate links are some of the most popular ways to monetize a website.
  3. It can act as an online professional portfolio: Having a portfolio online is quite a useful thing for sure as you can have multiple numbers of pages associated to your website have photographs dedicated strictly to a particular niche. You can easily share any particular page to your clients in order to show your work to them.
  4. It helps you avoid excessive competition: all the social media platforms nowadays are flooded with so many “so-called photographers“. It’s quite possible that a much better photographer having fewer followers can be considered to be a mediocre one. 
  5. You can even promote your social media platforms through this: it’s quite possible to generate traffic from your website to your social media handle or even vice versa.

Cons of having your own photography website:

  1. Cost of maintaining a website: If you are just starting out as a photographer, investing in a website might not sound like a good investment, as each and every photographer will relate to me on the next line. No matter what number of equipment you own, it’s never gonna be enough.
  2. The steep learning curve, comparatively: managing and maintaining your own website is a little difficult when compared to posting pictures on your social media handles. At first, you might have to invest a lot of time to your website, exploring terms like SEO and backlinks and other technical stuff but as you grow it gets easier for you.

Actual Cost of Managing and Maintaining a Photography website:

Web hosting:

I order to start your own website this is something you really can’t avoid at the beginning. Your website needs to be stored somewhere, from where it can be accessed by someone else. There are a lot of web hosting options available in the market now. But a well-reputed web hosting like Bluehost or Siteground will cost you around USD $3-5 per month for a basic plan, which is more than enough for if you are starting new.

The annual cost of hosting through them will land you somewhat close to $70 per year (i.e. Rs. 3500 per year in India rupees) for a basic plan and you can easily scale yours without doing any heavy lifting yourself.

Domain Name:

The first step to start your domain own website is buying a domain name. This will cost you around USD $10-15 per year (i.e. around Rs. 1000 Indian rupees per year).

The total cost of hosting a website will cost you at least Rs 3000-5000 per year for a basic plan. Since the prices keep changing with time, you can check the current prices or even purchase your own hosting by clicking the links below.

If you use Bluehost then you can save the cost of registering a domain name at least for the first year.

How to make a website for your own Photography website:

As mentioned above the first step of starting your own photography website will be to check for the availability of your domain name. You can choose to buy a domain name from any of the reputed brands such as Bluehost and Siteground.

Majority of people are using any content management system (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla because they are simple and are absolutely free to start with. 

I’ll personally suggest going for a WordPress website, as it is easy to manage even though it even has an android application which helps to manage your blogs on the go.

Many of the reputed brands use WordPress for building there websites like Rolex, BBC America, Bloomberg professional, Sony Music, Time Inc., Vogue India etc so you can clearly understand how powerful this free platform exactly is.

WordPress Photography website

Web hosting services like Siteground and Bluehost also provide them pre-installed WordPress hosting as well. Which is a lot easier to manage when compared to other web hosting services.


It’s quite obvious by now that Building a professional website or a blog is not a must, but it’s good to have for any business for sure. If used in the right way, any website can prove to be an asset and can even become a source of passive income as well.

But it is highly advised to have a website because the benefits clearly overcome the disadvantages for sure. All off those who are seeking for a full-time independent career in any industry must invest in a good website which definitely gives a professional touch to your portfolio. Especially for photographers, your photography website can serve you as a platform to showcase your creativity to others. Like this, all that being a photographer is about. Which is not at all possible with any of the social media websites as of now.

Hey, I am a photographer and a blogger based out of Lucknow. I love to travel and capture photographs, that's why I started this blog with an aim to share my experiences and tips which I have acquired by travelling.

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