Parashar lake

Parashar lake, one of the best offbeat weekend getaway from Delhi NCR region. You can easily start your journey Friday night and can be easily back for office Monday morning, a bit shaken but not steered.

How to reach Parashar lake

Parashar is well connected through roads from Delhi and Chandigarh. You will have to reach Mandi first. From where you can either book a cab or can board the only bus which runs between Mandi and Parashar.

Things to do:

  • Trekking, You can either trek 7km from Baggi village or board a bus directly to Parashar. It’s an easy to moderate trek which provides beautiful views of the valley.
  • Camping, you can easily rent a camp and sleeping bag at Parashar. It’s a wonderful place to spend some time under the stars in a pollution free environment.
Parashar lake and Parashar Rishi Temple
Parashar lake and Parashar Rishi Temple

Best time to visit Parashar

In winters mountains are covered with snow so roads are blocked during that time. If you are planning a family trip then it might be hard for you. April to July will be the best time to visit here.

If you are an adventure lover then you must go for your trek to Parashar from Baggi. It’s a bit difficult to trek in the snow but still, a lot of people do this trek in winters as well to witness the frozen Parashar lake.

But during other parts of the year, the weather remains pleasant most of the time. So you can plan your trip accordingly.

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