My first solo trip: Kasol

Kasol, just a small village on the way to Manikaran, Kasol has developed into a popular destination for backpackers and hipsters. Located in the middle of the Parvati valley is located at an altitude of 1604m is a hidden gem of a kind.

I started my journey from Gurugram, Haryana. The very same morning, I checked a few websites and decided not to waste this long weekend atleast this time.

I boarded my bus from Kashmiri Gate International bus station at around 7 in the evening which dropped me at Bhuntar between 7 and 7:30 in the morning.

Day 1:

After reaching Bhuntar

After stepping out of air-conditioned bus i suddenly realised that It’s was quite cold out there compared to Gurugram. The temperature was close to zero even Google confirmed it for me. Since it was a long journey and I didn’t had any chance to have any meal in between this journey except the few packets of chips. I decide to have breakfast, so I went to a small shop next to the bus station, ordered 2 paranthas and a cup of tea because nothing is better than butter layered parantha and a strong cup of tea in chilly winter.

After finishing my breakfast I stood next to the main road waiting for the bus with a few other backpackers. It’s always good to find someone with common interests while travelling solo.

The bus arrived in next 20 minutes and our journey to Kasol started again on the semi spiral narrow roads crossing steel bridges between mammoth mountains on both sides.

Finally Kasol

Just after an hour or so, the bus stopped at a village which was no different from other villages where the bus stopped earlier. But suddenly conductor shouted “Kasol Wale utar jaao Bhai ji.. jaldi jaldi” and suddenly I had to pick up my bag and jump out. Frankly speaking, it was nothing like what I expected it to be. I still remember those overcrowded streets with shops and cafes on both sides.

Kasol, Himachal
Kasol, Himachal

I started walking into a street next to The German bakery and just after 5 minutes walk, I reached a bridge so I decided to have another cup of tea sitting next to the river. It really felt very peaceful and calm there.

After finishing a bowl of noodles and a cup of tea I decided to walk toward Manikaran The gurudwara which is approximately at the distance of 3-4 km from kasol. Busses are readily available at regular interval but still, I decided to walk.

Manikaran is a Sikh pilgrimage sight famous for its hot water springs. On my way back I boarded a bus back to Kasol where I booked a room to spend the night there. I choose the room in Kasol looking for the room with the best view possible. So that I can click a few long exposures of the beautiful mountains and twinkling stars visible in Parvati valley. I have attached one of the click below.

Night view, Parvati Valley
Night view, Parvati Valley

Day 2:

Kasol to Tosh

After having a cup of tea and 2 butter omelettes which were really delicious to have for my lunch. I decided to board a bus to Barsheni which is the last stop for local buses as there is no commutable road after that. This is the starting point for a number of easy to moderate treks like Tosh, kheerganga, kalga, pulga and most famous one of them all the Village Malana. For a while I sat to a small restaurant called and had a plate of chaumin noodles and Ginzer honey lemon tea there.

Then I started my Trek to tosh village. It’s an easy 3-4 km trek which can be easily completed within an hour. I didn’t actually had much time since I had to catch the bus back to Delhi the very same night. So I just ordered a cup of tea and a slice of pizza there followed by cheese cake.

Since I was running out of time I had to start my trek back to Barsheni so that I can catch the last bus for Bhuntar. The last bus leave the Barsheni bus stop at around 5:30 pm so you must keep that in mind if you are on a budget. If you are not interested in bus then you can even go for Taxi from Barsheni to Bhuntar. Obviouly, it will cost you a lot more that the bus but still it’s an option.

Overall travelling solo for the first time was a unique experience. Specially Parvati valley is one of the best and safest and even versatile destination for travellers.

If you are planning your trip to kasol don’t forget to check: First timer’s guide to kasol.

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