Dispute between Manali biker’s association and Leh bike Co-operative union, and how it might affect your next bike trip to Ladakh (Detailed)

For those of you who are planning their next bike trip to Leh or Ladakh by renting your bikes from Manali, Do read this till the end.

Due to the dispute between Manali biker’s association and Ladakh bike Union, You cannot take any rented bike from Manali past sarchu as it marks the border between two states i.e. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir respectively.
There has been a dispute between Manali biker’s Association (MBA) and Ladakh bike Co-operative Union (LBCU) for a long time now and things have worsened in the past few days.
On 3rd June 2017, Manali biker’s Association (MBA) hostaged 40 bikes of Ladakh bike Co-operative Union along with their clients and forced them back to Leh.
As a result of which Ladakh bike Co-operative Union decided not to allow any HP registered bikes to operate commercially.
After which, On 19th June 2017, both Manali biker’s Association (MBA) and Ladakh bike Co-operative Union (LBCU) had an agreement between them. Under which:

  • Both the parties agreed that members of LBCU shall be allowed to pick up fresh clients from Keylong and MBA shall pick up fresh clients from Leh.
  • No other operator other than LBCU shall operate in Nubra valley, Pangong sector, and Tsomorori sector.
  • Any issue shall be mutually settled by MBA and LBCU after due deliberations.
  • A fresh agreement shall be signed between LBCU and MBA next year onward after due deliberations between LBCU and MBA, which shall be conducted well before the opening of the highway next year (2018).

Even after all this hustle and bustle here is the recent letter written by Manali biker’s association to Mr. Govind Thakur (Hon. Transportation Minister of HP), DC and SP of kullu, SDM Manali and DC Leh respectively stating that LBCU canceled the previous verbal agreement and are continuously threatening members of MBA. Below is the recent letter by MBA dated 5th May, 2019.

Letter from Manali Biker's Association
Letter from Manali Biker’s Association

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Important points to remember:

  • You cannot rent a bike from Manali to Leh and vice versa.
  • For bike which is rented in Manali, Himachal Pradesh you cannot go past Sarchu as it marks the border between J&K and Himachal.
  • The restriction applies only to commercial motorcycles only and there are no restrictions for private vehicles.
Updated: Letter from LBCA


The issue between both Manali biker’s association and Ladakh biker’s co-operative Union is causing troubles to those who grew up with the dreams to explore Leh Ladakh on an motorbike. This has made it tougher for tourists to explore the remote locations of Leh-Ladakh.
No one seems to be benefiting from this dispute neither MBA nor LBCU as they both are just losing their clients from whom they both could have earned some bucks.
What do you think about this matter? Do let us know in the comments below.
Don’t forget to share this to your friends who are planning to a bike trip to Ladakh in near future. So, that they can be aware of this dispute and do not end up ruining there trip.

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