Must have accessories for your Gopro or action cameras

Here is my list of must-have accessories for your action camera. If you think I missed something really important then you can tell me about that in the comments below.

Must have accessories for your Gopro

GoPro Shorty

While talking about GoPro accessories GoPro shorty is a must-have a product by GoPro. By design, GoPro action cameras are so tiny that it is really hard and sometimes inconvenient to handle them without any pole or stick. For that GoPro had produced a small expansible pole for there cameras called shorty. GoPro shorty is a mini extension pole which is really very convenient to carry. It has a very small footprint and the best part is it can be used as a mini tripod as well which is perfect for those sunset time-lapse or even still videos as well. The material feels a bit plasticky but it’s quite a unique and versatile product from GoPro and is a must-have accessory for a GoPro.

There are a few alternatives to this but none of them matches the versatility and reliability of shorty.

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Amazon Basic Case

Since the GoPro doesn’t come with a carrying case so it’s really important to have a carrying case for it because after all, it’s a piece of glass which you got to take care of. In spite of being waterproof, weatherproof and even child proof if not handled properly you can either scratch or even break the lens as well. It’s replaceable but I’ll still suggest to keep it safely in a carrying case is a better option overall.

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SanDisk Extreme memory card

It’s not a wise decision to put all your images in just a single tiny bit of a silicon chip so I’ll suggest carrying at least 2 memory cards with you as if one of them goes down you can continue using the other one. Trust me it’s really very common and it can really spoil your trip for sure.

After the introduction of GP1 processor instead of the old chip used by GoPro a noticeable amount of improvement in the processing was noticed and hence there is a need for ultra-fast memory cards for GoPro. That is why I suggest going for the extreme series memory card by SanDisk.

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GoPro Extra batteries

The only thing which I didn’t like about using a GoPro was its battery life. For continuous use, you can record from 40 minutes to 1 hour or click after one complete charge. So it is highly advised to carry one extra battery with you at any time even if it can be charged using an external power bank as well but you have to compromise with the waterproofing at that time.

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GoPro waterproof housing

GoPro works even underwater to a depth of 33 ft or 10 meters without any housing so this is not exactly a must-have accessory for you if you are not planning any underwater adventure like scuba diving or even if you just wanted a few underwater clips.

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PolarPro strap mount

If you are into trekking or even scuba diving then this is a must-have accessory for you. Just clamp your GoPro to your bags chest strap and you are good to go. It is very cost-effective when compared to GoPro chesty is a very good alternative to it.

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GoPro 3 way mount

GoPro 3 way the mount is a versatile and durable accessory offered by GoPro. The best part is, it can be folded into smaller form when required or it can also be extended in order to get an even larger field of view.

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There are a number of GoPro accessories which are available in the market dedicated to the way you want to use your GoPro or where you would like to mount it. This is a list of must-have access that’s why I have kept is as light and minimal as possible. This list just comprises of only those GoPro accessories which will have a direct impact on usability or storage of your GoPro in different circumstances and environments.

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