DJI Osmo Action, new 4K rugged action camera

DJI launched its new dual screen action camera in US. Which brings it in direct competition to the flagship GoPro Hero 7. It’s has been launched in US for $349 which is $50 less than the GoPro Hero 7.

Specs of DJI Osmo Action:

  • 1/2.3 Inch sensor with f/2.8 aperture
  • It can capture 12MP photos
  • It offers 145 degree field of view
  • It can record videos at 4K and 4K HDR
  • DJI’s new Rocksteady stabilization
  • 2 screens, 2.25 inch touch screen and 1.4 inch selfie screen.
  • 240 fps in HD and full HD resolution
  • Weights about 124 grams.

DJI action is going to be world’s first action camera with a selfie screen. It’s also comes with a screwable lense cover which can easily be removed in order to replace cracked glasses or to put a ND filter for those harsh light conditions.

It can record 4K videos at 60 FPS and you can also shot at 240fps at 1080p which can result into some buttery smooth slow motion videos (i.e. up to 8x- slow motion videos). It also supports a raw photo mode.

It also supports voice control just like GoPro’s hero 7. So, you can basically command you camera to start or stop recording or to turn the power off in order to save some battery without even touching it. You can even control it through your smartphone just by using the DJI Mimi Application.

DJI have really done a great job with Rocksteady stabilization feature, but some reports suggest in order to achieve such steady shots it crops up to 18 percents of the video in order to stabilise the clip. This can prove to be a deal-breaker for some people but you have to ask a question to you first, whether you really need such a wide field of view or are ready to compromise with a little bit of it. Choice is all your.
It can offer upto one hour of battery life on a single charge while recording 4K and upto 135 minutes at 1080p recording without using the stabilization feature.
DJI also claims that it is waterproof upto 11m or upto 60m using a special case.


Clearly DJI is looking to give a tough fight to gopro in the action camera segment. DJI had aimed at offering better specs at lower price when compare to leaders of this market i.e. GoPro.
The selfie screen can prove to be a game changer for DJI as it’s something that GoPro’s has been lacking for year now. This is a must have for those who love making vlogs or even are into clicking some wide angle selfies.
DJI is also working to build an ecosystem around Osmo action so you can expect to find some low cost accessories compatible with both GoPro and Osmo action at a much lower price compared to that of GoPro’s.

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I am really excited to see how GoPro is going to react to this, as for a long time this market seemed stagnated without any significant improvements. With the increasing competition by DJI and other action camera producing companies we can expect to see some innovative stuff coming in the near future.

You can check the current price of DJI Osmo Action on Amazon this action camera by clicking the link below:

DJI Osmo Action on Amazon

Do let me know in the comments below about what you think about this new action camera by DJI and whether you are interested in buying it or not.

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