Best budget cameras available in India for beginners: to buy in 2019

This is the question which I get asked by a lot of my friends or people interested in buying a new camera. This is my list of best budget cameras available in India for beginners. It is not for professional photographers but it’s for those who are either looking to buy their first DSLR or for those who want a reliable piece of equipment for clicking some wonderful clicks in there family functions of a random get-together with friends.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”.  – Dorothea Lange

Best budget cameras available in India for beginners: To buy in 2019

Sony A6000

It’s a pretty old yet a competitive contender in this list. It was launched back in 2014 but still offers best value for money as a Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses.

When you look into its specifications this camera has almost everything in a single small package which makes it one of the best budget camera on the list. It offers great value for money with exceptionally good picture quality.

As I mentioned earlier this is a little outdated though competitive model which fits in a small budget, but if money is not a constraint for you then you can go for some higher end latest models such as Sony A6500, Sony A7III.


  • Amazing value for money

  • Convenient in-camera Charging

  • Built in WiFi and NFC
  • Good Autofocus at this price point
  • 11fps full resolution burst model


  • A bit sluggish in startup

  • No touch screen

  • Limited video recording time (because of overheating)


Type: Mirrorless Interchangeable lens camera

Resolution: 24MP

Sensor size: APS-C type

Sensor Type: Exmor HD CMOS

Focus Points: 179 focus points

Weight: 344 grams (including battery)

Fuji XT 100

This is one of the most good looking and versatile cameras in this list, if you are looking for a camera to click a few beautiful jpegs here and there for you. It can be considered to be the best entry level interchangeable lens camera currently available because of the wonderful colours science involved in it and also the set of in-build colour profiles which can be easily used to enhance the quality of your jpeg shots.

It offers 4k recording as well but only at 15fps which leads to quite choppy 4k videos, it’s quite descent with its 1080p recordings but at the end of the day it’s not a video camera at all.

It comes with a 2.5mm jack port so you’re gonna need a separate adapter to use your 3.5mm jack with this but as I said earlier, it’s not a video camera at all.


  • Excellent JPEG quality

  • USB charging

  • Long battery life

  • Interval and time lapse shooting mode

  • Articulated LCD


  • Slow autofocus and processor

  • No weather sealing

  • 4k recording at 15fps


Type: Mirrorless

Resolution: 24.2MP

Sensor size: APS-C type

Sensor Type: CMOS sensor

Focus Points: 91 point autofocus system

Weight: 448grams

Canon 200D

Canon 200D, Is one of the best entry level cameras on this list which can even be used for vlogging as well. Thanks to its flip screen and canon’s dual-pixel autofocus system.


  • Lightest DSLR

  • Fast focus in live view (Dual pixel AF)

  • Easy to understand user interface

  • WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity

  • 3 inch variable angle touch screen


  • Just 9 autofocus points

  • Single scroll dial


Type: DSLR

Resolution: 24.2MP

Sensor size: APS-C

Sensor Type: CMOS

Focus Points: 9 focus points

Weight: 453 grams

Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 is a mid range crop sensor camera which was announced by Nikon back in 2013. It offers 5 frames per second jpeg shooting and 4 frames per second in raw.

It uses Expeed 4 processor, which has lower power consumption. It cannot record 4k but does a decent job in recording at 1080p videos. It also has an inbuilt GPS as well.


  • 5fps burst speed with jpeg or raw

  • Built in GPS for geo tagging

  • Built in stereo and microphone

  • 3.5mm audio jack

  • 39 point autofocus system

  • Excellent dynamic range in RAW


  • Built in HDR is not the best

  • Slow autofocus

  • Glossy LCD prone to glare

  • View finder in not that bright and accurate


Type: DSLR

Resolution: 24mp

Sensor size: Crop sensor

Sensor Type: CMOS sensor

Focus Points: 39 autofocus points

Weight: 480 grams

Panasonic Lumix G7

This a another beautiful looking camera on the list with a lot of customisations available because of the dials and we’ll placed buttons by Panasonic. This comes with a flipping screen as well so it can even be used for vlogging as well. It offers a decent 4k recording option as well but using 1080p is advised for better output.

There’s one thing to note here, this more of a video camera rather than being a camera for photography only. If you are looking to get a camera dedicated only for photography than other cameras in the list might be a better option. Overall it’s a good travel camera because of being lightweight, decent photographs and also because of 4k video recording as well.


  • Variable angle touch LCD

  • Dual control dial

  • Great Electronic viewfinder

  • Upto 8fps shooting

  • 4k video recording

  • Inbuilt time-lapse mode


  • Plastic build

  • Smaller sensor

  • Descent battery life


Type: Mirrorless

Resolution: 16MP

Sensor size: Four third

Sensor Type: CMOS

Focus Points: 49 focus points

Weight: 410 grams

Canon 1300D

One of the cheapest model currently available in market which is produced by Canon. Though it’s quite reliable with exceptionally good autofocus and colour science available at this price point.

It’s offers just 9 focus points with pretty low ISO range and an even smaller battery which shots close to 500 shots after a single charge. If you talk about connectivity then this also offers built-in wi-fi and NFC as well, which is a good thing.


  • Good value for money

  • Nice picture quality

  • Easy to use

  • NFC and WiFi built-in


  • No touch screen

  • Lack in shutter speed limit

  • Lack in ISO quantity and hence poor low light performance


Type: DSLR

Resolution: 18MP

Sensor size: APS-C type

Sensor Type: CMOS sensor

Focus Points: 9 focus points

Weight: 485 grams

Canon M50

This is Canon’s latest entry level Mirrorless camera. The improved dual pixel autofocus system works better than the rest of the mentions on this list. The flip screen can also be used as a vlogging monitor. It can also record in 4k but the end result will be 2.56x cropped. Which is a bit disappointing because it makes the 4k video coming out of it, almost unusable.

Overall it’s a good Mirrorless camera at this price point with wonderful autofocus and sturdy design.


  • Nice autofocus

  • Bright LCD

  • Good battery life

  • Small form factor

  • WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity

  • Touch and drag autofocus on LCD


  • Not good at high ISOs

  • 4k recording has 1.6x crop

  • No dual autofocus in 4k

  • No inbody image stabilization


Type: Mirrorless

Resolution: 24MP

Sensor size: APS-C size/Crop sensor

Sensor Type: CMOS AF system

Focus Points: 179 focus points

Weight: 484 grams

Hope this list helps you. Do let me know in the comments about it. Lastly, don’t forget to share this with your friends who are looking to buy a new camera in order to boost their photography game.

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