Best Action Camera to buy in 2019

Factors to consider while buying your first action camera


It’s quite obvious that an action camera needs to be durable. As they are supposed to work in one of the harshest and difficult environments. Whether you are skiing, skydiving or participating in any water sport, your action camera needs to record each and everything for you without skipping a moment. That is why it’s really very important for an action camera to be durable.

User-friendliness/Easy to use

Generally, actions cameras are quite easy to use as they are designed to be used as click and go cameras i.e. it can be used just by clicking a single button as soon as you encounter the right moment to capture. Connectivity options and simplicity of interface can also be considered an important factor while handling any action camera on the go.

Video quality

Video quality is also a very important aspect when you are looking to buy your first action camera. As nobody likes there a video to be choppy or grainy in the end. Video resolution really plays a very important role in video quality, nowadays high-end action cameras are known to provide 4K resolution either at 30 or 60fps totally depending upon the model.

Battery life

Action cameras are not that popular when you consider the battery life because of there tiny size most of the time. Still, you can consider an action camera to have a good battery life if it shoots continuously for about an hour or so. Shooting high-resolution videos tend to drain battery batteries much quicker than while shooting on a lower resolution. This can be something which you must consider while recording outdoors.

Even though some of the cameras can be charged directly through USB either through a power bank or any other electric supply.


Actions cameras are not like point and shoot cameras, in order to fully utilize their capabilities they need to be mounted somewhere. That’s where the importance of accessories comes into the picture. In order to mount this tiny piece of equipment, some of the accessories can be used which can really take your videos to the very next level.

While talking about the accessories, GoPros are considered to be one of the best action in this industry as they provide specific accessories for mounting them literally anywhere. From a surfboard to your dog you can mount them anywhere. You can check the list of Must have accessories for your GoPro action cameras by clicking here.

Best Action Camera to buy in 2019

Here is the list of best adventure cameras which you can buy in 2019

GoPro Hero 7 Black

As a brand GoPro has become a synonym for good and reliable action camera nowadays all because of its small size and robust design of its camera. Hero 7 black is no exception to this legacy. Hero 7 black is the latest flagship from Gopro with superb steady stabilization and industry-leading specifications all cramped up in a tiny little package.

This can record 4K at 60fps and is waterproof up to the depth of 10m underwater. This is the first GoPro that can Livestream to websites like Facebook twitter and YouTube if you want. GoPro Hero 7 Black can also be controlled using voice control.

Check GoPro Hero 7 Black on Amazon

Yi 4K plus action and sports camera

This one is quite similar in shape, size and dimension when compared to GoPro Hero 7. It records sharp 4K videos at 60fps and 1080p at 120fps. It also has inbuilt image stabilization, which is descent but is inferior when compared to GoPro stabilization. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not waterproof out of the box, basically, you will have to use a separate housing for it.

Stabilization works only up to 4k 30fps which means there is no stabilization at 4K 60fps. Just like GoPro it also shoots 12MP wide-angle photographs as well.

Check Yi 4K plus on Amazon

Sony RX0 II

This is the only action camera on this list with a flip screen. Sony RX0ii is the successor to Sony RX0. It can record 4K and offers one the best camera hardware possible in a tiny little piece of equipment.

This tiny little beast comes with some of the features of full-sized Sony Mirrorless cameras such as eye autofocus and flip screen. Basically, it’s Sony’s attempt to compete with GoPro in action camera niche. Undoubtedly it’s a wonderful piece of equipment but is priced a bit too high when you look at the other competitors who exist in an action camera niche.

Check Sony RX0ii on Amazon

Sony FDR X3000

This is more of an unorthodox action camera available in the market. It is the only action camera in the list which offers optical image stabilization and a 3.5mm audio jack as well. This definitely is an action camera for you if you really don’t like the fisheye distortion, which in recent times has become a norm for an action camera.

It’s basically a perfect vlogging camera because of being light, stabilized and no weird fisheye distortion. It can record 4K at 30fps and 1080p up to 120fp as well. This is an IPX4 rated device, hence it is not exactly waterproof but can be considered splash proof only. The only problem will be in finding the right accessories for this unique little camera.

Check Sony FDR X3000 on Amazon

DJI Osmo Action

It’s the latest entry to this list and can be considered to be the toughest competitor to GoPro Hero 7 black at this moment. DJI is slightly more waterproof than GoPro Hero 7 black i.e. 33ft Vs 36ft or DJI Osmo Action. You can check the detailed specifications about DJI Osmo Action by clicking here.

There is no GPS or HDMI port in DJI Osmo Action. Still, you can click 12MP still photographs and record 4K videos at 60fps. While looking at the specifications and performance GoPro Hero 7 black outperforms DJI Osmo action by a slight margin, but it can still prove to be a better deal for you considering the price difference between both.

Check DJI Osmo Action on Amazon

DJI Osmo Pocket

It’s quite debatable whether DJI Osmo pocket is a true action camera or not but because of its tiny size and very small footprint inside your bag, I have decided to give it a spot on this list. DJI Osmo pocket might not be as durable compared to GoPro action cameras but is quite a unique camera for sure.

It can shoot up to 4K at 60fps and can also click 12MP still when needed. This also comes with Active track and face track mode which makes it quite a good option for bloggers as well. It provides decent video and audio quality and can be directly connected to your smartphone as well. Ultracompact Physical 3-axis stabilization is quite a unique feature of DJI Osmo Pocket.

Check DJI Osmo Pocket on Amazon

GoPro Hero 7 White

This action camera is for those who are willing to compromise on the resolution of their videos. GoPro Hero 7 White has the same dimensions when compared to GoPro hero 7 black but it is a 10MP camera which can only shoot up to 1080p 60fps only. It is more of an Instagram or Snapchat camera rather than being a full-fledged action camera.

It comes with a built-in non-removable battery and it doesn’t even provide protunes setting to it. But definitely it is very easy to use and it gets the job done by providing a decent video and image quality as well.

Check GoPro Hero 7 White on Amazon

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