A photo gallery to Kasol, Parvati Valley

Kasol is a small village in the Kullu district of Himachal. It is situated in the Parvati valley at an elevation of 1600m from sea level.

These photographs were taken in the month February of 2018 during my solo trip to kasol for 2 days. Hope you will like them.

Road to Bhuntar at Kasol main road
The main road, Kasol

During summers the road generally remains crowded with tourists and backpackers. But during winters because of crazy temperatures and bone billing winds, the number of tourists remains relatively lower.

Abandoned Motorbikes kasol
Abandoned Motorbike

Tourist's Royal Enfield
Tourist’s Royal Enfield

It’s common to spot bikes like these in Parvati valley because it’s well connected to other metropolitan cities via road. The crowd from Chandigarh and Delhi generally prefer to reach Parvati valley via bike as it is cost effective and provides freedom to explore the valley freely in your own customized way.

Dusk in Parvati valley
Dusk in Parvati Valley

This is the view from Barsheni bus stop close to under construction Pulga dam. This is the place from where you can start varies treks including Kheer Ganga, tosh, kalga and Pulga respectively.

The Parvati River
The Parvati River

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On the way to Manikaran Gurudwara
On the way to Manikaran Gurudwara
Night sky and Mountains at Kasol
Night sky and Mountains at Kasol

Kasol is not amongst the best place to capture stars in the night sky but it’s a lot better than the metropolitan cities from which people rush toward Parvati valley in order to find peace and take a rest from there busy city life.

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