2 days budget itinerary to Parashar Lake

In order to reach Parashar first, you got to reach Mandi which is the closest town to Parashar Lake. If you are travelling from Delhi, you can travel overnight to reach Mandi. HRTC buses run between Delhi and Mandi at a regular interval.

You can check the availability of seats by clicking the link.

I suggest you board a bus at around 8 in the evening so that you can reach Mandi between 6:00-7:00 AM in the morning.

Day 1:

After reaching Mandi via bus at around 6-7:00 AM you can spend some time freshening up and having breakfast at the bus stop only or can book a cab straight away.

The one and only bus to Parashar leaves Mandi bus stop at around 8-8:30 AM. If you are on a solo budget trip then this is the most economical way possible to Parashar.

Taxi from Mandi bus station to Parashar will not cost you any less than INR 2000 which actually depends heavily upon your bargaining skills.

If you are looking to come back from Parashar the very same day then you can book a cab for INR 2500, to discuss the waiting time with your taxi driver before leaving from Mandi.

During winter seasons trekking is the only possible way to reach till Parashar due to snow covered road caused by excessive snowfall.

The bus will drop you at Parashar at around 11:30 AM after that it’s just a 5 minutes walk to the temple.

You can choose between tents and rooms to stay at Parashar. Some are really close to the temple but others are at least 2km away from the temple. I’ll personally suggest that you stay close to the temple.

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Day 2:

Wake up at around 5:00 AM to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. Enjoy your first cup of tea in the morning during sunrise.

Have your breakfast and can either choose to check other places at mandi or can spend some more time there and enjoy the peace and beauty of Parashar.

The bus from Parashar to Mandi leaves Parashar at 1:00 PM and reaches Mandi at around 4:30 PM in the evening.

Parashar Lake from top
Parashar Lake from top

Total Estimated Budget to Parashar:

Delhi to Mandi:

You can either choose to travel via Air conditioned or a regular bus.

Regular bus will cost around INR 500.

Volvo or Scania will cost you INR 1300.

Mandi to Parashar:

There are 2 options here as well.

The local bus will cost less than INR 100.

A taxi will cost around INR 2200 (one side)

Stay at Parashar:

Tents and sleeping bags are available at top for INR 600 per night it also includes dinner and breakfast.

Returning from Parashar to Delhi will cost the same as it cost to reach there.


Minimum: 500+100+600+100+500= 1800+other expenses.

Maximum:1300+2200+600+2200+1300= 7600+other expenses.

Total budget ranges between 1800 to 7600.

If you are travelling solo then following the minimum expenses trail is the better option for you.

And, if you are travelling in a group of 4 to 5 then you can even go with the maximum budget totally depending upon you.

Note: Your breakfast and Dinner totally depends upon you so I am considering them to be other expenses.

This is just to give you a rough estimate budget, things may vary depending upon multiple factors.


There are 2 guest houses available at the top, you can contact them as well.

  • PWD Guest House: 01905-222151
  • Forest Department Guest house (Mandi): 01905-269469

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